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Lazy Ass People

so today someone mentions that here at my place of busines.  Sloverland some pathetic lazy ass people are parking in the handicapped spots.   so I checked with our trainer/hr person to see if it was ok that  I send out an email to the facility not targeting the ignorant sloths, but just reminding that first that is against the law, and  what the criteria is for receiving a handicapped permit as well as the consequences.
The more I read about the citeria the more angry I got!  OMG not being able to walk 200 ft without resting, having lunch probelm, needing a device to help you get from point a to point b!@   and the only thing these people are lacking are  common sense and compassion!

I had to set away for  minute to cool off.   Then she calls me and says it would be better to wait till monday till the management meeting to see what our director says and if I should clear anything with corp HR.   I tell you, if I'm told I can't send out a reminder at least I will be calling the local PD and anonymously suggesting they do a random parking check at our facility.

Lazy, pathetic, inconsiderate, sad asses

Nice relaxing weekend

 I love working outside, much prefer it to indoor activities....well not all of um. (wink wink, nudge nudge) but with the absolutley beautiful weekend I though I would work out in the yard and plant some flowers.  Well I had already work on the front previous weekends ago and thought I was done with that, but then I found some shade flowers to add to the mix, as the front has a HUGE area that's nothing but shade.
Went to a local discount store and bought more flowers then I had room for and started weeding, planting, transplanting and retransplanting on sunday,  there was some type of shrub growing in the back no flowers just huge leaves that I just let grow, comes back each year so what the heck..   This year it' was about 3 feet tall and the leave had to be about 8 inches long, well in my mind, if your that big you better bloom too. but no.. so I started chopping that up and trying to dig it out, had to take one leaf  at a time, the stems actually looked like celery stalks.   Well i picked up one leave and  suddenly saw something big and furry moving around under there........, so I scream and started running in the oposite direction,....look back to see our cat Oliver saunting out from under it, the little fart.......so about 4 hours later I was finally done.
   I had dirt EVERYWHERE on me, in my hair out side my clothes, inside my clothes, yes really inside side my shirt, bra an shorts....don't ask,  don't know. ........anyway took 2 days to get the dirt from under my nails which I broke most of while digging holes for the plants, my back is as red as a lobster, my shoulders are sore.   I was supposed to go to a cook out my friend was having  yesterday but it was waaayyy out in south euclid and I didn't feel like driving that far, plus she doens't have shade in her back yard and I didn't want my back to turn from a 2nd degree burn to a 3rd degree burn,   so I just took my brother D out to lunch went for a ride and called it a day.

Yeah nothing like a nice long relaxing weekend..............


So my sister who we will call mmmmmm Zelda, got her nose pierced  a couple of months ago, and had to have knee surgery.  Well you can't go into surgery with any jewelry on and yes a nose piercing is considered jewlery!   She went back and had it removed  they put a piece of tape over the hole to don't know if its to block incoming or out going objects.  Anyway the hole did eventually close up (darn).     Yesterday she decides she is going to go and get a tatoo, not her first one, the first one is on her boob, you know on the top where they normally areand it's the standard rose.     The 2nd one is  on her leg above her ankle and it's of Eeyore with a cloud and a rainbow which  she says is symbolic to her because she's always kind of related to Eeyore because she feels her life kind of is like his, which I really can't argue that fact, nor can I argue that she kind of talks like him, by that I mean with as much enthusiasm and positiveness.....hooooo hummmm.........

She went to the dr. today cause she's been dizzy the last couple of days, thought she had an inner ear infection, but the Dr discovers that the stud from the nose ring was never taken out when she had it removed and traveled from her nose and loged against her ear drum....

Can't really say the whole Eeyore thing dosn't fit........http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=50493486 can you?

The love of your pets

My dog and cat and I have an agreement.   During the night if I wake up to go tinkle, I don't put on the lights, so if they move I won't step on them.
My dog sleeps at the foot of my bed, he has a couple of old blankets and a HUGE doggie pillow and I hear him shuffling and fluffing his bed during the night, getting comfy.   Well Saturday night he moved his HUGE doggie pillow from the end of the bed all the way around to the side of the bed where I get in and out.   I get up to go tinkle....remember no lights are on, I try to take a step and fall right over him.   Now I'm l laying on the floor, looking  at him and saying what the heck you are sooo lucky I didn't hit my head on anything,  He slowley rasies his head off of his pillow....gives me this what's up with you look.....sighs heavily and put his head back down to go back to sleep.......LOL

Yeah nothing like the unconditional love of your pets............

Self Image.....

I joined a site that my good friend turned me on to which is called the Daily Plate....   it really is a good site, there are many differnt groups you can join,.. I actually found one that caters to those let's just say who are vetically challenged.....  But some of the postings I've seen on there scare the heck out of me,..... 

Read one from a girl who said it was her birthday weekend and she had 4 differnt cakes and she was sooo worried that she had gained a ton of weight then I get to the part where she says shes at 95.4 lbs....THIS IS A GROWN UP........   Can you say annorexic?!?!?!  
Now I know I don't have a good body image, feel most day's like I look like crap, am working out and watching what I eat in a healthy way and seeing some progress which is encouraging but I can't see myself ever thinking so bad of myself or anyone else that I would even WANT to be that weight ya know.....

Just makes me think this particual group might not be the one for me, I've seen postings from others who are in the same boat as me, short in stature, curvy and working on improving themselves....but then I read things like that and see no one has replied to her, I don't know what to say other then , if your older then 12 you need to weight a little more.   Now it;'s true this site is for those 5'2 and under, so she might be shorter but the posted picture you can see her face is very thin,   I don't know just does not seem heatlhy to me.......

I'm happy with my curves, I like that I'm shapped like a woman.  Women with the athletic builds to me don't really have a "shape" so I'm actually glad I'm the way I am. Just want to tweak me a bit.........lol

Missing Mom

My Mom passed away 7 years ago, to this day I miss and think about her EVERYDAY........    She suffered from polycystic kidney disease, and I do mean suffered.  The last 2-3 years of her life were not happy ones and a looking back at old pictures you can really see how she declined.  She went from  a vibrant, outspoken, silly, strong, woman who pronounced words funny.   To a weak, absent minded, angry, glassy eyed old lady (and I don't mean to sound mean) but it's true.   She changed soo much over those years.  I used to every weekend try and take her someplace fun and get her mind off the fact that she had 3 rounds of dialysis each week, and end less dr. appts.    just to show her there was another life outside of kidney disease.  so I went to the cemetary yesterday, when I go there I talk to her just like I'm talking to anyone else, out loud and animated.   might look funny, but that's my Mom and I'll do what I want.   I always feel better when I go to see her, and when i leave, just like when she was here with me, I beep my horn 3 times just to say I love you.


Why the hell?!?!?!?!?!

ok so I know Papa Johns first advertizing idea was to slam LaBron during NBA playoffs by doing the whole cry baby thing on their Tshirt, then exclaiming "oh well we didn't mean anything by it, didn't mean to insult him at all...."   Yeah ......right............

so their next idea was hey, for all those fans in Ohio, who are pissed off at our company....Let's tie up all the streets anywhere NEAR any of our pizza places, cause police to come out and direct the flow of traffic....when ya know damn well, none of them have a CLUE as to how that's done.   Not answer our phones/fax machines or emails  and cause a never ending barage of news clips over the internet, radio and especially TV.     And have a special 1 day  $0.23 (in honor of the afore mentioned LeBron) pizza special....

Yep folks come on in.....well first you have to be able to make it up the street to the store, order a large one topping pizza and um you will have to wait approximatley 2 hours to place the order, wait for it in the comfort of our cozy store cause it's cold and rainy outside, and enjoye a freshly made papa johns pizza well first you have to make it past the other people who have been waiting 2 hours in the cold and rain and had to park 4 blocks away from the store cause that's where the police directed them to go.......

Yep good eatin:)

 So I get home and my sister is cooking dinner last night.....all of a sudden I hear a comotion and someone yelling YOU CANT DO THAT,,,,, and I DIDN'T THINK THAT WOULD HAPPEN........  some how she ended up starting the stove on fire.....what's really weird is........


I mean how in the world can you do that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Apparently she was cooking some chicken had way to much Olive Oil in the pan, some of it splashed out I guess as did a piece of chicken she wasen't aware of  and it somehow caught on fire?!?!?   Who knows..........all I know is that back burner looks like toast......and there was a the chard remains of a kitchen towel in the sink....   Luckily that was all that was damaged and ya know I had to laugh when all was said and done.

Went out a little bit after that  and had an large Strawberry Mohito, which  kind of started to annoy me because they put a fresh crushed strawberry your glass along with mint leaves and when you try and drink  through the straw you end up getting pieces of strawberry stuck in it......so then you suck harder to get the strawberry out and end up kind of choking because it comes flying out like a guided missel or something. LOL

And I think they've carried the whole automatic stuff in restaurant  bathrooms a little to far, I mean you get up from going pee and the toilet who you used to be able to flush when you were finished is supposed to flush when your butt leaves the seat.  But some of then seem to wait a few seconds before they do, so you start looking at the hardware for the button to push, of course there is none.  So you get ready to leave the stall to tell somone one (hopefully anyway) that the toilet is malfunctioning, as soon as you start to leave then it flushes itself,.  Then you go out to wash your hands and have to time it just right because once you put your hands under the faucet  the trigger for the water  is supposed kick in and the ice cold water is supposed to go on,,,,,,but it doesn't, so you move your hands away to try a different approach thinkng if you bring your hands in at a different angle it'll work better but as soon as you remove your hands THEN the water comes out, but before you can put your hands back  it stops, JUST THAT FAST.....so you try again, same thing same responce.     I tried to wash my hands 4 times before I finally got the dam_ water to come out when I needed/wanted it to, then I had to go to the automatic paper towel dispenser  to deal with, which has the same time lag as  the water faucet.  finally ended up wiping my hands on my pants and called it a day.    If they ever start making a automatic butt wiper I give up. 


Can be a wonderful thing......it comes in solid foods as well as liquid....  Normally when I don't drink coffee over the weekend so when I get to work on Monday and have my normal cup, I get a burst of energy.   Yesterday however, it just didn't happen,   Today however I am WIRED!!!!!!
Got the jitters, can't sit still, talking non stop.......why is that?   I can drink tea from the second I get up in the morning till the second I go to bed and nothin' but have a little coffee and it's like WHHHHEEEEWWWWWWWW